For travel photographers, the encounters you have with strangers can become some of the most rewarding, both personally and photographically. Through its people, you can witness and experience many facets of a country – from food and drink to how they celebrate, worship, earn a living or pass the time. What soon becomes apparent is that the differences between us aren’t always as extreme as they appear on the surface. Armed with curiosity, you can open up your travel photography to a whole new genre of opportunity.

The majority of these photos, were taken in Korea, Cambodia and Vietnam as these have the happiest, though poorest people, who have barely anything to live on, yet will smile to a total stranger with a camera.

It’s amazing how much you can communicate with someone without speaking a word of each other’s language, and finding out more about a person’s life or culture can often be one of the most memorable and authentic experiences of your trip. While these encounters lead to your own personal memories, the pictures can form stories and imagery that many others will find compelling.